Richard Walter Interview – Should Screenwriters Care about Film Budgets?

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Film Budgeteers was ecstatic to land an interview with veteran screenwriting  professor and master screenwriter, Richard Walter. Walter has taught writing for the cinema for the better part of four decades and serves as the Chairman to the UCLA graduate school of screenwriting. He’s also the author of several fiction and non-fiction books and makes regular tv and media appearances … Read More

How to Budget A Film – The Topsheet Line Items

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Film budgets can be daunting. Any good filmmaker knows what it takes to get her film made, and knows how to put together a simple budget for their project, but most new filmmakers aren’t intimately familiar with the vast amount of categories and line items found in a typical professional line-item film budget. What’s a line item in a budget? … Read More

Planning to Fund Your Film via Product Placement? Nope.

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Well, okay, the title of this post is pretty harsh. There’s technically nothing wrong with product placement in any film, unless it’s blatant and gross and, well, product-ish. But here’s three things to watch out for when accepting a company’s product placement offer. 1) Know that no company is going to give you cash to feature their product in your … Read More

Budgeting A Film Crew – Union or Non-Union?

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Hands down, the most important element of a successful small film is your crew. Without the right people in the right crew positions, even a large film can hit the skids, get bogged down, swell with cost overruns, and sometimes even implode. When crewing for a film, especially a smaller independent film, you need to know how to think like … Read More

Two Film Budget Versions – $40k and $200k

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A few years ago, my company and I produced two feature films, from script to screen. We had no money and no significant investors, despite garnering interest (and even a few Letters of Intent) from a handful of name actors. The road to production on both films was a long one, and a bumpy one. But we couldn’t have pulled either … Read More

Film Budgeting and The Two Most Important Rules for Indies

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Budgeting a film is a pretty heavy chore, especially if you’ve never budgeted a film before. And especially if you’re planning on shooting a low-budget film or no-budget film. If you don’t know what you don’t know when putting together your budget, your film could be a spectacular explosion of fail. But don’t let that stop you.  The fastest, easiest … Read More

What is a line producer? Ask Roger M. Mayer

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Film Budgeteers recently sat down with Sundance producer Roger M. Mayer (IMDB) and asked him: “What is line producing?”  Roger’s produced a litany of independent features, shorts, and music videos, from out-and-out art films to family and commercial features, and has seen his share of film budgets and breakdowns. He’s also served behind the scenes of several influential film festivals, including … Read More