Docuseries — The New Narrative Paradigm?

scene from Wild Wild Country docuseries

Hey Clyde, Is it me or has the docuseries just exploded overnight? Ever since Making a Murderer caused an uproar on the digital platform medium there has been nothing but a consistent wave of excellent documentary series coming through the trenches. There have always been documentary series that have existed on television, particularly on PBS … Read more

Race, Gender, and Where Does Cinema and TV Go From Here?

ava duvernay with camera

Hello Bruno, I just finished watching the entire run of “The West Wing.”  I wouldn’t argue about its status as classic modern television.  It’s fast, intelligent, classy, and features some of the best dialogue, performances and camera movement in television history (however, I really loathed the score, especially the credits sequence music, just pandering and … Read more

How to Budget A Film – The Topsheet Line Items

movie set picture

Film budgets can be daunting. Any good filmmaker knows what it takes to get her film made, and knows how to put together a simple budget for their project, but most new filmmakers aren’t intimately familiar with the vast amount of categories and line items found in a typical professional line-item film budget. What’s a … Read more