About Film Budgeteers

Filmmaker Jeff Orgill produced and edited music videos for acts including Danzig, Machinehead and Marilyn Manson. He has produced feature films including the Slamdance selected 35mm feature film Caged and the horror comedy Audie & The Wolf. Orgill’s feature directing debut Boppin’ at The Glue Factory won several awards including Best Feature Seattle True Independent Film Festival and Best Director Los Angeles Downtown Film Festival.  Orgill is a Promax award winner, a Film Arts Foundation grant recipient, and a graduate of San Francisco State University (Film Production), and The Roger Corman Film School.

Why we built Film Budgeteers

Our former company, Brooklyn Reptyle Films, (Afterbirth, The Oregonian and other Sundance films) was planning out a slate of new feature films we hoped to shoot. It was then we realized that budgeting all of these films was going to be a massive amount of work.

So we decided to put together this tool to help us create our film budgets based on a set of data. The tool was designed around several major cost factors — the ones that usually differentiate the budgets of most films: special effects, visual effects, cast and crew costs, etc.

When the tool was finished, we realized we had something that might help other filmmakers save a lot of time and a lot of money. We hope you agree.

The BRF Crew
The Brooklyn Reptyle Films crew circa 2005