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Enter a few details about your film or series and our film budgeting engine will create a professional, extremely detailed 18-page line-item film budget.
$179 for an editable Excel version or $149 for just the 1-page topsheet PDF

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No film budgeting software required

Until now, if you wanted to create a film budget, or a budget for a series, you had to hire a line producer or be an expert at film budgeting, or buy and learn expensive film budgeting software. Our budgeting engine does away with all that headache and lets you focus on getting your movie funded and produced!

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The latest cast/crew rates, including guilds

Your film budget will be based on the latest crew, cast, and line-item costs, and will even factor the minimum wage for the state you’re shooting in, as well as let you know of any available tax incentives. And our budgeting engine is super smart about guilds and which ones you’ll want to budget for.

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How film budgeteers creates your film budget

1) You tell us about your film

2) We crunch the numbers

3) We email your budget

(And then you make your film!)

Our film budgeting engine first asks you what you want your budget’s grand total to be. Then, based on that amount, we walk you through a series of questions about your film or series, asking you things like “How big of cast do you have?” and “Do you think your film might need a lot of visual effects?” and stuff like that. After you checkout, we crunch the numbers then email you a fully-professional, extremely-detailed, 18-page line-item budget for your film, plus topsheet.

A film budget can get your production moving

Whether you’re meeting with investors or producers, or launching a crowdfunding campaign, or submitting for a festival, workshop, or fellowship, a film budget instantly transforms you from “yet another filmmaker with a script” into a filmmaker with a script and a plan, which gives you a huge leg up when trying to get that green light. Not sure you need a full, detailed budget? Just get the topsheet (a one-page PDF overview of your budget) for $179.

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“Film Budgeteers have an immensely valuable resource to filmmakers at all levels. If you’re headed into production, or looking to build an investment package, then the first step in your process should be using their online tools and paving the way for your creativity.”

Bryan Edward Hill, Writer-Director (Los Angeles)

“Film Budgeteers is a promising tool, appropriately priced, and worth considering, especially for producers who are just starting out.”

Moviemaker Magazine

“This is an easy and quick way to get something practical together. Really handy for pitching and getting something off the ground.”

Chris Reading, Writer & Director