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Fill out our 5-minute form with your film’s details and our film budgeting engine will create a fully professional, extremely detailed, custom 14-page line-item film budget for your film or series. (Not someone else’s.)
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Create a pro film budget (No software required!)

Until now, if you wanted to create a film budget, or a budget for a series or webseries, you had to hire a line producer or know film budgeting, and/or buy and learn expensive software. Our budgeting engine does away with the cost and the headache and lets you focus on raising money for your film. Or, you know, actually shooting it.

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All it takes is 5 minutes

Our film / series budget engine first asks you what you want your budget’s grand total to be. Then, based on that amount, we walk you through a series of questions about your film or series, asking you how many Principal Actors you’d like to budget for, how many Stunts you may have, is there a lot of visual effects, etc.?” We crunch the numbers you provide and instantly email you a fully-professional, extremely-detailed, 14-15 page line-item budget for your film, plus topsheet.

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Your film’s details. Not a stupid template.

We don’t force your film or series details into someone else’s pre-made template. Our film budgeting engine makes intelligent calculations and assumptions based on what you tell us. Customize names. Easily dial in your estimated level of required VFX, SPFX, Stunts, etc. And we even give you the option of customizing how many weeks you’d like to spend on each phase of your film’s completion: prep, shooting, wrap, and post.

The next best thing to a line producer

Line producers are AWESOME. But if you’re like most indie filmmakers, you probably can’t afford one, especially if your project is still in the funding stage. Our film budgeting algorithm is equipped with all the latest talent and crew rates, union and otherwise, and even includes fringes and contingency, so your budget’s figures will be accurate and up-to-date.

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Go get that greenlight

Whether you’re meeting with investors or producers, or launching a crowdfunding campaign, or submitting for a festival, workshop, or fellowship, a film budget immediately changes you from “filmmaker with a script” to filmmaker with a script and a plan, which gives you a huge leg up when trying to get that greenlight. Not sure you need a full, detailed budget? Just get a TOPSHEET (1 page overview of your budget) for $19.97

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“Film Budgeteers have an immensely valuable resource to filmmakers at all levels. If you’re headed into production, or looking to build an investment package, then the first step in your process should be using their online tools and paving the way for your creativity.”Bryan Edward Hill, Writer-Director (Los Angeles)
“Very useful!”MovieMaker Magazine

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