Docuseries — The New Narrative Paradigm?

Roger M. MayerThe Brooklyn Reptyle2 Comments

scene from Wild Wild Country docuseries

Hey Clyde, Is it me or has the docuseries just exploded overnight? Ever since Making a Murderer caused an uproar on the digital platform medium there has been nothing but a consistent wave of excellent documentary series coming through the trenches. There have always been documentary series that have existed on television, particularly on PBS that were more in the … Read More

Race, Gender, and Where Does Cinema and TV Go From Here?

Roger M. MayerThe Brooklyn Reptyle2 Comments

ava duvernay with camera

Hello Bruno, I just finished watching the entire run of “The West Wing.”  I wouldn’t argue about its status as classic modern television.  It’s fast, intelligent, classy, and features some of the best dialogue, performances and camera movement in television history (however, I really loathed the score, especially the credits sequence music, just pandering and sentimental).   However, it does already … Read More