Two Film Budget Versions – $40k and $200k

people on set with bounce

A few years ago, my company and I produced two feature films, from script to screen. We had no money and no significant investors, despite garnering interest (and even a few Letters of Intent) from a handful of name actors. The road to production on both films was a long one, and a bumpy one. But … Read more

Film Budgeting and The Two Most Important Rules for Indies

film set with actors and sound guy

Budgeting a film is a pretty heavy chore, especially if you’ve never budgeted a film before. And especially if you’re planning on shooting a low-budget film or no-budget film. If you don’t know what you don’t know when putting together your budget, your film could be a spectacular explosion of fail. But don’t let that … Read more

What is a line producer? Ask Roger M. Mayer

roger m. mayer

Film Budgeteers recently sat down with Sundance producer Roger M. Mayer (IMDB) and asked him: “What is line producing?”  Roger’s produced a litany of independent features, shorts, and music videos, from out-and-out art films to family and commercial features, and has seen his share of film budgets and breakdowns. He’s also served behind the scenes of … Read more